Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS-R)

Partners In Excellence employs The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills- Revised (ABLLS-R) as its primary programming tool. James W. Partington, Ph.D. developed the revised version of this tool in 2006. The ABLLS-R is an assessment tool, curriculum guide, and a skills tracking system for children with language delays. The ABLLS-R contains a task analysis of many skills necessary to communicate successfully.

The ABLLS-R protocol provides both parents and professionals with criterion-referenced information regarding a child’s current skill level that can serve as a basis for the selection of educational objectives. The ABLLS-R protocol includes a set of grids (graph) that comprise a skills tracking system for documentation of a child’s progress in the acquisition of critical skills.

The ABLLS-R guide serves two purposes. First, it provides instructions for scoring and completing the skills tracking grids for an individual client. Second, it provides strategies to assist parents, educators and other professionals to use the information for a child.

Although the ABLLS-R protocol provides an extensive list of skills, it does not include a method to determine the priorities for an individual child and does not include specific steps necessary to teach those skills. The ABLLS-R guide provides strategies for analyzing the ABLLS-R scores to determine educational priorities, and to help with the selection of educational objectives for an individual child.


Purpose of Using the ABLLS-R at Partners

Partners uses the ABLLS-R as a tool to help identify language and other critical skills that are in need of intervention so that a child may become more capable of learning from everyday experiences (basic learner skills and other skills). It also provides a curriculum guide for a child with language delays. It provides a method for visually displaying the acquisition of new skills on the tracking system. This visual display helps Partners when communicating about client’s programming and progress with parents, schools, doctors, insurance companies, and other providers. It also facilitates reviews and updates of a child’s progress. This updating process provides a great source of reinforcement for parents and therapists as they see that critical skills are being acquired.

The ABLLS-R graph provides a resource for communicating about each client’s progress, for the client’s therapy team, parents and other professionals.

The ABLLS-R consists of 544 programs that break down every skill into its smallest basic components. There are 25 skill areas within each section, it begins with the simplest task and ends with the most complex. Partners use innovative teaching techniques targeting multiple developmental areas in a single integrated setting.

Partners has an extensive library system of curriculum kits matching up with the ABLLS-R programs that are fun, visually pleasing, pre-packaged and ready to use when a new program is introduced. This library system allows the children to progress from one program to another without delay.


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