Speech and Language Pathology

Speech Therapy is a specialized therapy that addresses communication disorders in the areas of receptive language, expressive language, speech fluency, speech production, oral motor ability, voice production and pragmatics.

At Partners In Excellence we provide Speech Therapy as a treatment option for our clients at all of our centers. Having Speech in house makes it easy for our clients to receive important services without needing parents to transport their child to separate appointments. In addition to the convenience factor, Speech and Language Pathologists collaborate directly with our Behavior Therapists throughout the day to provide ongoing coordination. With this team approach, the child is practicing and learning new skills in a variety of settings and has consistency with expectations and behavioral interventions throughout their day.

Speech Therapists at Partners assist children with communication and language skills such as:
  • Receptive language or Understanding language: including understanding of concepts, following directions, learning vocabulary.
  • Expressive language: communicate needs and wants, answer questions, converse with others
  • Stuttering
  • Articulation
  • Social or pragmatic language: conversational skills including using eye-contact, turn taking, initiating and maintaining topic.
  • Oral-motor strength and coordination for improved speech and feeding
  • Language and communication using an AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) device

Speech Therapy treatment sessions at Partners are 30 minutes in length and are scheduled one to two times a week.

Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

Your child may benefit from speech and language therapy if he or she experiences difficulty with:

  • Expressing needs and wants
  • Forming complete, grammatically correct sentences
  • Following directions
  • Cognitive tasks such as understanding concepts needed for success at home and in school
  • Engaging in play with peers
  • Articulating sounds or words
  • Answering or asking questions
  • Talking using a smooth, clear, fluent tone of voice
  • Drooling or poor oral motor control for speech and feeding

If you believe your child would benefit from Speech Therapy while enrolled at Partners speak to your child’s Primary Behavior Therapist 

about setting up an assessment.








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