What brought you to Partners in Excellence? Before moving to La Crosse, I was working at Wisconsin Early Autism Project and loved it. I looked for similar job opportunities and ended up at Partners!

Describe your fellow Partners employees in three words: Supportive, fun, and caring

What is something most people don’t know about you? During my freshman year of college my friend convinced me so start a clothing line with him. After selling half of our inventory to family and friends, we gave up.

Do you have any advice for someone who is just starting their career at Partners? Some advice I would give new employees would be to ask questions and be confident. Confidence lets us do our best work and provide the best therapy for the kids. This can be hard at times, but that is when you ask questions and lean on your coworkers!

What podcasts should be on everyone’s must listen list? I rarely listen to podcasts but when I do, I listen to “Engage and Equip”.

If you could be anyone for a week, who would it be and why? Most of me wants to pick a famous person or my favorite athletes. But if I could be anyone for a week I would pick my wife. I would choose her and then tell myself that I can buy new golf clubs 🙂 That, and see how much I actually annoy her.

Is there a moment, a specific story, event, or a kiddo that really stands out to you in your time at Partners? When I first started, I was working in SDS and there was a certain client that I was a little nervous to work with. After being on direct with him, we bonded over sports, silly jokes, and Fortnite dances. He was always very excited to see me and made me feel like the bees knees!

Which of our core values most resonates with you and why? Having a positive attitude resonates with me most. Our attitudes have the ability to direct our day and even our life. I also believe that our emotions follow our actions. Sometimes faking a positive attitude is okay, because we will eventually feel the positivity!