My name is Tim Young. I have worked at Partners for almost 4 years and am currently a Level 2 Primary Behavior Therapist at our North St. Paul location. I am what you would consider a “journeyman” of our company as I have met a lot of new people across the North Saint Paul and Minnetonka sites. I have had a tumultuous journey over the past year just like many staff. We have had to rise above one of the most scary, unknown, and value challenging times in our lifetime with COVID-19. With this event going on in our world and all the excuses in the world to quit, hide, and point fingers. I have seen so much beauty in the rise of my fellow coworkers as they have faced adversity. I have seen my co-workers lean on the CORE values of what makes or company great. The values of Passion, Creative Problem Solving, Positive Attitudes, Doing the Right Thing and Working Hard are demonstrated on a daily basis.

The CORE value that I am most grateful our company possesses is PASSION. The fact that we have people show up everyday to work with kids who at times may scratch, punch, kick, bite, or spit is truly remarkable. Regardless of the challenges, I see my coworkers continue to give their all to enrich the lives of our clients and their families as we strive for excellence providing therapy. It genuinely shows how passionate every individual is when they walk onto the therapy floor every single day.

Passion seems to drive people here in my eyes, as I see people work in challenging circumstances daily. It would be easy to withdraw, to not work hard, to say “screw it”. But that is not what I see. I see my fellow co-workers’ resilience to the adversity of the day to day stress that comes with working with children with disabilities. Just the fact that we all walked through that door and have given time to help benefit the world shows me the light to reignite my own passion for helping others.

I sometimes ask myself, “have I lost my passion”? after that 9 to 5 grind.  When I wake up in the morning, get ready, pet my dog, head out the door and walk to my POD, I see the PASSION, the smiles, the positivity of others as they prep for our clients to come into the center. It is truly reinvigorating. I could never thank my co-workers enough for the hard work everyone does, because to tell the truth, it is what helps me keep going and is what makes Partners a life changing experience for the clients we have the honor to serve. 

That is why passion is the most important CORE value for me. When I see it in the eyes of others, it reminds me to check myself, to keep going, and to remember our purpose, to positively impact the life of each child through our unparalleled commitment and desire to see our clients reach their greatest potential.